We try to tailor our commercial terms to the requirements of our customers but virtually all of our bespoke projects follow one of the three main models:

  • Fixed price
  • Time and materials
  • Monthly retainer

Fixed price

Our favourite model is a fixed length, fixed price contract. In this model we assume the technical risk associated with the project and we'll deliver the agreed specification (together with a degree of latitude common to all projects) by that date to that cost. This works very well when there is a clear understanding of the project to be delivered.

Time and materials

On time and materials contracts we charge an hourly rate that is dependent on the nature of the work and the person who is performing it.

This model can work well in the early stages of a project to develop the clarity that allows us to deliver a fixed price plan. It also works well when there are a large number of unknowns.

Monthly retainer

We can also provide a set amount of time each month, often on support and maintenance contracts. The amount of time, and how it is used, is very flexible, and this can be modified from month to month.