One of the most common problems in procuring a new IT project is a lack of flexibility.

This can result in the business having to change its ideal processes to fit in with the technology, or the technical solution not adapting as more is understood about the project as it moves forward.

We believe that we need to be fully flexible in all areas of the project to deliver the best solution. This includes being technology agnostic, choosing the best tool for the job, and working to the most appropriate processes for a project, both commercially and with the project management methodology. We assign a technical project manager to our projects and both they and our developers actively communicate with the client throughout the life of the project. It is this clear communication that allows us to deliver the projects that we want to in the manner we do.

In order to add the most value to any project we have to be flexible to fit in with the changing needs of the business behind it. This is particularly true for long running, multi year contracts, where it is very difficult to predict what will occur a few years into the future.