On projects we often need to fit in with our customers’ preferences or established methodologies and having a lot of experience in delivering projects of a variety of sizes, we have the ability to do so.

However, we have also created a set of development processes over the last ten years including a development toolkit and a method of interacting with clients to successfully deliver projects. These allow us to manage our own processes, communicate with clients early and often, and deliver the most suitable solution to meet our clients' needs. Much of this is based around clear and good communication, the heart of delivering any successful project.

When we have a choice in how to deliver a project we normally recommend an agile approach to our customers, unless there is a reason that would favour a more traditional, waterfall based approach. This is based around a number of short development cycles that each involve the release of fully functional features. This allows us to work closely with the customer, getting a closer match to the business requirements as the customer is actively involved in guiding the development as it is undertaken.