About Athium

We are a business services and software development company. From our base in the Midlands region of the United Kingdom we work on local, national and international projects.

We have been developing bespoke software applications and providing business and IT services tailored to meet our clients' needs since 2004. Our strength is translating individual business requirements into real world solutions. We have endeavoured to help our customers to understand their technology requirements and to develop systems to address these needs and we are proud to say that we have been holders of the UK IT Association's Quality Mark since 2008.

We work with all sizes of organisations, from small businesses who want to spend more time in front of their customers and less time in front of their computers, to large public sector institutions who in the current climate need the strength and flexibility of our solutions to deliver more for less.

We provide a new type of service. One of the main challenges for any size of business or organisation today is how to make best use of the technology available. It is no longer acceptable for a one size fits all software installation to impose changes on well established methods of working. At the same time, where time and money can be saved, the right software should be deployed to enhance best practice.

To meet these, and other, challenges we have developed our new type of service. Evolving from a combination of business, management & IT consultancy and software development we have developed our approach to help our customers to understand and address their technology requirements.

We are experts in harnessing cloud technologies to deliver cost effective and flexible solutions whilst still retaining the safety, security and control of more traditional technological approaches.

The combination of our high level of technical expertise and understanding of the wider business context allows us to produce high quality technical solutions. We have worked on the development of bespoke solutions for clients as well as the creation of some of our own product lines.

We rely on our reputation and on word-of-mouth recommendations. We start all new projects by offering detailed 'no obligation' discussions about our potential clients' needs, preferably on-site in the locations our software will be used. Only once we understand those needs in depth and are certain that we will develop solutions that will meet and exceed those needs do we agree to take on new projects.

Where a new customer is purchasing one, or a suite, of our existing software packages we always employ a similar approach. We want to be sure that our software is what our customers really need to deliver on their expectations. Where that is the case we help our customers install, integrate and make the transition to using our software. Where it isn't, then we don't!