Web development

We provide a complete service for the development of internet (public facing) or intranet (internal to the organisation) web sites.

Athium are able to provide full services for the design, development and deployment of web sites. We are able to provide either dynamic or static web sites.

Our team members have extensive experience of implementing our own, proprietary and open source content management systems. We are able to provide web sites both with and without a content management system.

Web application development

We have a selection of web applications that can be deployed to either public web sites or on an organisation's intranet. We are also able to produce applications to meet our customer requirements.

Many of the services in our products (SME package, collaboration software and frameworks) include web based applications that provide interactivity to a web site.

Cloud based deployment

As well as installing our sites and applications on traditional servers operated by our clients, on our own servers or via standard externally hosted servers we have particular expertise in optimising our solutions to take advantage of cloud server technology